From April 1 to mid-June, Four Seasons is celebrating spring with the return of the elit™ by Stolichnaya® Martini cocktail program, using fresh seasonal ingredients.  At Goldfinch Tavern, look for the Brush Fire by bartender, Jabriel Donohue.

goldfinch tavern “I was inspired to make the Brush Fire by wanting to utilize both raspberries, a fruit I have been picking from bushes every spring in the Pacific Northwest since I was a boy, as well as the deep, earthy spice of the ghost pepper. The ghost pepper recognizes the agricultural brush burns of autumn that have been making farming in the spring possible for generations,” said Donohue. “After pairing these flavors with the smooth, full bodied character of elit, what results is a light, slightly sweet but warming cocktail that is reflective of the original Martini’s complex simplicity. It also embraces modern seasonality and techniques such as nitro-infusions.”

Come by Goldfinch Tavern starting April 1 to taste this amazing cocktail and Jabriel will also give you the recipe!

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